Painting Stripes Walls – 7 Easy Steps

Painting Stripes Walls

Painting stripes walls is easy but the labor and skill takes patience if you want to do a good job. Below are seven steps for perfect looking stripes.

1.) If you have a main background color for your walls paint that first.

2.) Decide how wide you want your stripes and how far apart to have them, etc.

3.) Get yourself a 3-foot level or plumb line to make straight tape lines with.

4.) Make small hash marks using a pencil and run your tape out along the marks.

5.) Use blue painters tape. It doesn't bleed paint through the edges.

6.) Using a mini roller, do two coats using a latex wall paint like eggshell, matte or satin finish. Let it dry 4 hours between coats before removing tape.

7.) Repeat the process for multi stripes. See Pictures of Bathroom Stripes Here

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One More Tip for Stripes to End Bleed Threw 
After you lay your tape, take the white base color and brush it into the tape. This will "fill" any areas that the color paint could bleed threw so you …

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