Painting Stripes – How To Paint Them Like a Pro

Painting Stripes

When you think of painting stripes you think of walls mostly. I've had a couple of jobs where we've had to do stripes. One was for a day care nursery and the other was for an upstairs hallway bathroom. The secret is planning out how far apart you want your stripes and how wide they are going to be.

From there you want to use either a level or a wall paperer's plumb line to make sure you get your stripes as neat and straight as possible. Unless of course they are going in a different direction. The other big secret to stripes is to use the right type of masking tape that will not cause “bleed through”. I find that the blue painters tape works well.

I also use the Wooster speed roller and their enamel roller cover and then carefully paint the stripes two solid coats. Let them dry for four hours in between coats. Letting the first coat dry overnight helps. After that, it is simply a matter of moving your tape over and doing the next color.

Unless of course you only got one color of stripes. Then you would just paint your background your initial wall color and finish doing your stripes last. If it is a bathroom your are painting you might have to remove a few things like the vanity mirror and maybe the toilet tank.

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New FrogTape is Making Stripes Look Good Not rated yet
I see now that the new Frog tape is stopping the bleed through problem for painting stripes. I must try this new tape soon!

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