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Painting Like Pro – 3 Ways NOT To Paint

Painting like pro is something I learned over a period of time. It is something called [technique]. Learning to paint professionally will make your work look awesome over time because of this.

I have learned techniques and I have learned procedures that make my work look the best it can be and done the fastest, easiest way possible.

The Unprofessional Painter Does Things Like…

painting business1. Uses Tape To Cut In – many homeowners always want to tape stuff up when they paint. Big mistake. When you pull the tape away you will see what I mean. Their cut-in line won’t be so perfect. Tape is best used to mask off things that need to be sprayed or for painting stripes.

For cutting in around windows, trim and ceiling lines all you need for keeping a nice straight edge is a professional quality paintbrush that has an angular tip. As long as I have been painting I have never used tape to cut in. Think about it, it is a whole lot easier to get close with a brush than it is with tape.

2. Has Lousy Cut-In Lines Near The Ceiling – another thing you will notice about those not so skilled in the painting trade is that they cannot cut in good near the ceiling. Again use an angular brush. And also doing two coats helps. The first coat will not be as perfect and as sharp as the second coat when it comes to cutting in.

3. Does Not Use Primers – people that paint their own homes many times will screw up a previous nice paint jobs because they will paint over an existing oil-base finish without priming it first. This is most noticeable on doors and cupboards. The new latex finish peels off little bits at a time over the years. This is called [peeling or unsound] paint.

This happens with oil base paint also. The inexperienced painter does not prime over the old oil base finish before applying new oil base paint and the end result is chipping or unsound paint.

Now did I ever make these mistakes? Yes indeedy! We all do until we are told or learn otherwise. Painting like pro is not as simple as everyone thinks it is. There are techniques and procedures that are best learned from a trained painter so you don’t have to learn through costly trial and error.

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