Exterior Painting – Valuable Tips For Doing It Right

exterior painting exterior painting

I love it when spring comes and I start my exterior painting season. Sometimes or some years I have painted outside from spring until fall and loved every minute of it. You get plenty of fresh air and it's not crowded. You don't need all the tools you need for interior work, etc.

The main thing about their exterior is the same thing I tell people about their interior and that is if you are going to choose your colors get yourself a color brochure that has standardized exterior colors in it and not a fan deck unless you really know your colors well of course.

Exterior color brochures are made up of standardized colors that will look normal on your house and not turn it into a insane clown looking madhouse. With a color brochure you generally have two and three color schemes that are normal looking and are standard for exterior.

Another important factor is that when choosing your colors, if you have brick on your house or stonework you need to choose colors that are going to match those existing surfaces because in most cases they are permanent.

There's also the style of the house. Some houses may go better with certain colors because of the very style of them. Kind of like cars. Some colors go better with certain body styles than with others. So these are all things to keep in mind when doing your painting and if you are choosing anything that is going to be totally different in color. Looking through magazines for ideas may help.

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