Painting Aluminum Siding – How To Get Rid of Chalkiness

painting aluminum siding painting aluminum siding

When it comes to painting aluminum siding the main concern that usually comes up is chalkiness. If you don't use the right products to tackle the chalkiness problem your paint job may not hold up. They have a product called TSP that comes in milk carton like Epsom salts. You just follow the directions and mix it a 50-50 solution with warm water.

When I paint a house I like to wash the siding anyways. I don't care for the TSP route. I like to wash a house with house wash soap. Because it already has ingredients in their to help cut down on chalkiness anyway. When I paint a house I always wash the side I am painting on no matter what the siding is. I like to wash one side at a time and paint it before moving on to the next.

Now besides washing, another thing you can do to make sure that you get a good solid grip with your paint is to use a whole house primer called Zinsser 1-2-3. It's specially formulated and designed to grab tight to chalky siding. I still recommend washing the house anyways.

I recommend tinting the 1-2-3 primer to your finish coat (house paint) color. This way you may only need to do 2 coats. If you try to cover over plain white primer with a tan or a gray for example you will need 2 extra coats. Unless of course you are already doing white, then you don't need to tint the primer.

When it comes to spreading the primer and the paint you can brush and roll it or you can decide to use an airless spray painting system. The bottom line to to get the chalkiness issue taken care of so that you have a good clean finish for the new paint will adhere to.

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