How To Choose The Right House Paint For Your Home

house paint

As a professional painter I have found that when it comes to house paint certain products perform best for certain tasks and can save you both time and materials.

Take ceilings for an example. Many painters struggle with lap lines and sheen marks. The best product I have ever used on ceilings is actually a primer made by Porter Paints called "Blanket" (PP 1129). It is basically a high hiding solid white block out primer.

While nobody would even think of using a primer as a ceiling paint, this stuff works! It leaves a soft, pure white, flat even finish with no streaks or lap lines. You can tint it to whatever color you want. It also makes a great block out primer.

The benefits to using this solid white primer is that it grabs tight to any surface. It can be re-coated in only an hour and coverage is about 150 more square feet per gallon than regular paint. Also, you can tell where you have to roll on the second coat easier because the first coat shows overlap.

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Now you know which house paint to use on ceilings!

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