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Idea Interior Painting – Make Money With Colorful Abstract Art Murals

Idea interior painting – if you are looking for a way to make money painting here is a cool idea. It is simply painting large canvas wood framed murals. Now before you tune me out please open your mind. This is not as hard as you might think.

This is colorful abstract art that looks good with contemporary colors in homes. You can type the keyword in [murals] and look for examples of what I am talking about here.

  home business opportunityFor most people, when they think of murals they think of real life-like paintings. This type of painting is difficult to do. Instead think [design]. Think abstract art that brings style and color. Think poster art.

One of the best advantages to this type of artwork is that you can work in your home or studio and deliver the goods when finished. You can sell your pieces in consignment shops, online and by word-of-mouth. Your work will look great in offices as well as homes.

To create these larger works you use graph lines to map out your art design on the canvas frame. You can work in 6-inch or one-foot squares. First you would sketch out your design on lined graph paper. ¼ inch would be equal to a 6-inch or 1-foot square on your canvas frame.

You simply plan and draw out your art on paper. To find dead center you fold your graph paper twice to find the center. This is called quartering it. Now you can figure that each quarter-inch square on your paper can equal each one-foot square or 6-inch square on your large canvas work.

Now you can sketch it all out on canvas and then begin painting it all in. If you love artwork and love to paint this could be a great home business for you. You could even make reprints on paper to sell online of each of your favorite works.

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