Window Painting – 8 Easy Steps For How To Do It

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Would you like to do window painting or get jobs doing it to make some money? Here are some quick tips on getting started. You can practice at home first before doing windows for friends or businesses. These are also called window murals.

1. Use acrylic paint from the art store.

2. Draw your designs and lettering on the outside of the window first using a washable black pen (no permanent markers!). this way you can draw it on the inside backwards a whole lot easier.

3. Once you find a job, sit down with the owner, find out what they want. Look at their menu, their logo, their products, etc. for what to paint and for choosing the right colors.

4. You can blend colors together to get the right color. Use a color wheel for help.

5. Work left to right so you don’t smear your work.

6. Do two coats on the colors, letting them dry between coats. A small hairdryer works to dry the paint or a small fan.

7. Have several sizes of brushes on hand for detail work, a flat bristle brush works best.

8. When done you can go over the black again on the inside for outlining your finished work. Wash off the lines outside that were used as a guide.

9. How to find jobs is easy. Just visit every shop in town, leave a flyer or a business card. Work towards getting referrals, word –of-mouth, etc.

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