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Interested in various decorative painting books? By now you may have noticed just how large the selection is of these kinds of books. Books that cover everything from wall and floor decorating to lettering scrapbook decorating.

Just to make the party merrier, I have added one more to the mix. It is called star mural painting. You may not have heard much about this type of decorating, but this book is all about painting constellation-correct stars. Stars that shine bright all night long when the lights are turned out.

It’s all about re-creating an authentic version of the nighttime sky with stars that actually twinkle. And even space aliens and fairy tale characters. If you think this artwork is just for kids think again. As a matter of fact, think of box-office hits like Star Trek. These movies are pulling in everyone young and old.

Star mural ceilings are very romantic for adults. And they are cool and fascinating for kids and teens. What I love about this type of artwork is that the ceilings come alive with energy when the lights are turned off. Various ceilings in your home look beautiful when the lights go out.

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There are some professional muralists that have caught on to this type of art. I am a house painter by trade and have added it on as an extra service. …

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