Paint Designs – 4 Cool Techniques

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1.) One of the neatest paint designs is painted stars on ceilings. A ceiling star mural is only noticeable at night when you turn the lights out. You can have an exact copy of the nighttime sky complete with the Milky Way and even a UFO or two.

Faux painters, muralists, house painters and regular people are making money doing this type of art. Even teens enjoy turning people’s bedroom or game room ceilings into a nighttime fantasy.

2.) Faux painting is another way to have great designs on your walls. Color washing is the most impressive to me. Benjamin Moore has a glazes brochure that shows 4 basic ways to create beautiful faux finishes.

3.) Wall murals can be painted with any look or design you want. You can do picture type murals or abstract patterns of color. You can even do your murals on large stretched canvas frames to cover large walls.

4.) Painting stripes on walls is popular for bathrooms. If you use the right tape (blue tape available at most paint stores) and measure out your stripes accurately plus use a level to make straight vertical lines it can turn out well.

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Spattering Paint Not rated yet
I would like to see an accent wall spattered with carefully selected paint spots. I saw a pick up truck done that way and it was awesome.

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