Stars on Ceiling - Warning: This Type of Mural Art May Become Addictive and Fattening To Your Wallet

stars on ceiling

Stars on Ceiling - I discovered this neat type of space art back in 2005 called star mural painting. Basically what it is is creating a ceiling mural that looks like outer space.

I thought it would be a great add-on for my painting customers. What I also found out was that you can make a lot more money per hour rather quickly painting star ceiling murals vs. regular house painting.

As a painter $20 - $25 per hour was always the norm. But with glow in the dark star ceilings I soon realized I could earn $30 - $70 per hour.

Once you have done a mural in your own home and have stars on your ceiling (like in your bedroom,game room or entertainment room) you will be addicted for life.

Since 2005 I have learned how to create my own super low-cost glow in the dark paint, how to make shooting stars, how to make accurate star constellations, etc. - even the Milky Way.

My stars on my ceiling glow all through the night and if I cannot get to sleep I just stare at them until I doze off. I couldn't imagine having a plain dark ceiling ever again, although the ceilings do look normal during the daytime.

Learning to paint ceiling star murals is the easiest painting business to make money with. I can do a nice mural in a day or less and make $400 - $500.

glow in the dark business

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