Wall Painting – 3 Great Ways To Make Your Walls Look Good

Wall Painting

1. Conventional Wall Painting – using high quality primers and paints will make your walls really stand out. One of the best painting techniques I have found is to use a high quality primer on the wall first and then topcoat it with a matte, eggshell or satin finish.

If you tint the primer to the finish coat you will get perfect coverage. It is best to roll out in 1-foot square blocks moving left to right to get thorough coverage with your roller.

Use a high quality, shed resistant 3/8” or ½” nap roller cover for best results. You will be amazed at the elegant finish your walls will have compared to using cheaper paints or not using an enamel under coater.

2. Faux Painted Walls – when done right your walls will look totally awesome. You can go into million dollar homes and see basic faux designs that are absolutely beautiful.

You prepare your walls just like you would for normal painting. You can prime it first with a primer that is tinted to your background color. You can practice your faux techniques by:

a. Getting the right brushes and toolsb. Duplicating some basic designs found in books and paint store brochures.c. Practice your textures and patterns on white vinyl sheets first that are washable and reusable before doing your wall. For more info go here.

3. Murals on Walls – these can be done on walls or large canvasses. A good muralist can really make your wall look totally awesome as well.

If you would like to know how to paint a mural on your own, use these following steps:

a. Draw your mural out first on lined graph paper.b. Plan your wall out to match your graph paper (1” = 1 foot) by sectioning it off in 1-foot square blocks.c. Fold your graph paper in half and fold it again (called quartering it).d. Use your center point on your graph paper as a reference point on your wall to make your mural the correct proportion.e. You can buy acrylic mural paints at art stores or find them online. They have the brushes for it also. For more wall painting info go here.

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