Painting Tile - How To Make The Most of It

Painting Tile

Here are some cool ideas for painting tile:

1. Stencil Designs on Your Tiles - One company that offers a stencil making set up is called Martronics. You can make intricate stencil designs that are not possible with other stencil makers or purchased stencils.

Stenciling flowers or small pictures on tiles is perfect for kitchens and dry areas of your bathroom. You will have to use a paint that is made to stick well to tiles. Or you could use Martronics etching system and rub colors into the etched tiles like you would glassware.

There is a company online that offers hand painted tiles. To visit their site Click here You could even create your own using the machine mentioned above.

2. Paint Your Tiles – if you study the paints and primers at your local paint store you can find a primer that is designed to grab tight to ceramic tiles.

From there you will want to select a paint that will work well as an enamel finish. The only other thing left out here would be a grout cleaner and/or paint to seal and clean the grout.

One more thing, don’t paint ceramic tiles that are constantly near water, like in the shower. It’s great for dry areas and counter tops though. Using an orbital sander and some 120-grit might be a way to rough the tiles up first.

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