Painting Technique – 7 Tips for Developing Your Own Style

painting technique

Painting Technique:

1.) When it comes to house painting, mural painting, faux painting, etc, we all must develop our own style or our own way of doing things. There is no right or wrong way; it’s how you want to do it.

2.) Persistence and practice is what give us our own unique style and the needed how-to.

3.) Everything from choosing colors to which brands of paint we prefer to which tools we like to use gives us our own unique style.

4.) I’m somewhat of a perfectionist. For example, when painting outside trim I may look at if afterward and see old paint that should have been removed. I will sand it down to remove it and do a re-coat on that area.

5.) I like to flare out the edges when cutting in around trim and windows so that you don’t see a painted edge after rolling out.

6.) I like to paint something that really needs it. This way I can restore it to brand new. Fixing up an old house is like this. Each room looks brand new after the ceiling, walls and woodwork have been restored by painting them the right way.

painting technique

7.) Even though I wear painter’s pants I don’t wipe paint on them. I keep a wet paint rag on hand. Never turn yourself into a walking paint rag.

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