Interior Painting Techniques – 7 Tips for Doing Quality Work

Interior Painting Techniques

Interior Painting Techniques:

1.) Generally, I do my prep work after I give everything a first coat or prime. This way I can see what needs to be caulked or fixed like as in drywall blems like holes, stress cracks, etc. This saves a lot of prep work time guessing if everything is ready.

interior painting techniques

2.) I keep canvas runners that are 3 x 9 on hand as well as full size 9 x 12 drop cloths. Using runners mostly around the perimeter of a room and on large drop cloth in the middle of the room for tools. Runners are a lot lighter to carry in. I have painters plastic for furniture.

3.) If I’m on a job for more than just a day I will store my tools neatly in a corner of the room on a drop cloth. This saves a lot of time packing up your tools.

4.) I use fluorescent shop lights that come with a plug to paint by. The only better light to paint by other than fluorescent light is natural sunlight.

5.) I have a small shop vac to clean up my dust from sanding around woodwork or to remove dust and hair near the carpet when cutting in trim and baseboard.

6.) A small portable fan comes in handy for drying walls and ceilings fast.

7.) When cutting in around ceiling lights I like to take my roller and roll around it afterward to eliminate the brush marks.

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