Painting Stucco

Painting Stucco

Even though I have a lot of experience as a house painter, I never did any jobs painting stucco. But as I do for every other house I would wash it first. I would wash it with either with a pressure sprayer or a car wash brush and hose and a squirt bottle full of house wash concentrate.

I always wash one side at a time when doing exterior work. I paint the entire side before I move on to the next site. This way I have a fresh clean side to paint on.

I usually use the Wooster mini speed roller with the regular nap cover when painting exterior siding. For stucco I might use a 7-inch cage frame and 7-inch 1/2-inch nap roller. The 7-inch roller would be lighter to handle on a ladder when painting by hand.

I would use the wider 9-inch cage frame and roller once I'm working down on the lower areas on the ground. Then you can use the nine-inch cage frame and a painting pole. Basically stucco is probably easier to paint than siding is. Just make sure you wash the house good. Using house wash soap will get rid of mold.

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