Painting Metal – How To Make It Turn Out Right

Painting Metal

Painting metal is not as critical for house painters as it is in the automotive realm. Basically this is because in the house-painting realm you have mostly galvanized metal, wrought iron and aluminum siding to contend with.

As with the automotive realm you have metal that can rust and if you don’t get all the rust off the metal before you paint it the rust will come back.

So for painting around the house a self-priming all in one paint like Benjamin Moore has will do the trick. Their paint is called “IronClad® Alkyd Low Lustre Metal & Wood Enamel C163”.

It’s a highly versatile alkyd based coating. Like it’s name, it’s an alkyd low luster metal & wood enamel. It seals and protects both exterior and interior metal and wood surfaces from rusting and moisture.

It offers superior rust inhibition and protection along with the convenience of a primer and topcoat system in a single package. You will still want to remove any rust that you can but in house painting it’s not that critical.

Porous metals though won’t be worth your time in trying to get all the rust. It’s best just to paint them up knowing that some rust stain will come back eventually.

Brick houses have a steel angle iron showing where windows are at. You won’t be able to get all the rust on these. It’s best just to re-coat them and they will look good for years to come.

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