Painting Jobs – Pay For Leads or Get Them For Free?

Painting Jobs

Painting jobs are everywhere for professional painters. You can sub-contract or you can work on your own as a self-employed contractor.

As a contractor:

1. You can buy leads

2. You can place ads on the Internet

3. You can place ads on Craig’s List

4. You can place an ad in the Yellow Pages (slow, but effective)

5. You can use direct mail and/or Postcards

Again, if you don’t want to be your own boss you can sub-contract.

As a professional house painter I am completely self-employed. I work on a referral base plus when needed I have my own direct marketing methods that work like a charm. I only need to advertise about an hour and a half per day when things slow down until the phone starts ringing again.

I have used the Yellow Pages in the past but I don’t really need them either even though I have had good results using them. I just don’t like spending money on something I can get for free.

I can stay busy for months at a time and even as long as a couple of years without having to advertise. The biggest secret to a consistent flow of jobs is to do good work. Be good to your customers and they will be good to you.

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