House Painting Contractor – 3 Pointers For Choosing The Right One

House Painting Contractor

Before choosing a house painting contractor you may want to consider a few important facts.

1. Good References – most people like to be referred to a good house painter. So if you go that route and you see good results as well as hear about them you will no doubt be safe.

2. How Big is The Project? – is your home an average size home or a ranch-style home? A one or two man operation will work.

If you live in a large home you may want to consider hiring a contractor who has a larger crew so they can complete the job in weeks not months.

3. Licensed and Insured – some states don’t require a painter to be licensed or insured, others do but have certain limits. Like in Michigan for example. A house painter can make up to $700 per job without being licensed.

A painter that is licensed doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she is going to automatically do quality work. After all, “book smart” isn’t the same as skilled craftsmanship. The only way to ensure that is through referrals from others.

Good work and good service will get a painter a lot of good references and many people like to ask if someone knows of a good painter. Some people take pride in their work and others shouldn’t be allowed to paint at all.

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