House Painting Quote – Is The Cheapest The Best?

House Painting Quote

When getting a house painting quote or quotes do you look for the cheapest, the in between or the highest as being the best? Here are some tips to follow…

1. While the lowest price quote advertised says “get a room painted for as low as $97”, how many coats are they putting on. Do they prime the walls if needed? Or do they fix drywall blems or nail holes? Are they painting the ceiling also? How good at painting are they?

Many times once they get their foot in your door they may try to fatten up the price with what it really will cost to paint a room.

2. The priciest bid is not always the answer either. Especially if hired helpers are doing all the work with no supervision by the owner of the company.

3. Many times people think the price of a single house painter or two-man operation is too expensive. They don’t take into consideration that doing a good job involves time, prep work, two coats on the walls, ceilings and even woodwork and using high quality paints and primers.

A beautiful custom paint job will look good for years to come and cannot be had for only $97 a room. Good work references is the safest way to go when deciding on a bid.

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