Painting Homes – 10 Fast Tips For Success

Painting Homes

Painting homes is an art that with a few pointers, someone with a knack for painting can do very well at. You can make good money painting for a living or you can give your own home a beautiful custom paint job that would normally cost thousands of dollars.

Below are some professional tips to help guide you…

1. Always use the best quality paints and primers whether it’s your own home or your customer’s.

2. Always use latex paint on the exterior. Alkyd cannot breathe and will crack and peel.

3. Always prime glossy surfaces before re-painting or you will get peeling and/or chipping.

4. Use color brochures for interior and exterior colors when doing more than one color. Especially on the exterior so your home doesn’t look like the eyesore of the neighborhood.

5. Never take on a project that is bigger than you can handle, even if you are painting for a customer. (In other words leave the big two-story Victorian style homes to a painting crew.)

6. Always use fluorescent lighting for interior painting if there is no natural sunlight.

7. Even if you are just a homeowner, buying some professional quality painting tools is a good idea. Tools like a sturdy cage frame (paint roller), a paint pole (medium size, telescoping, fiberglass pole), a rolling bucket (Wooster has a square one with a lid), a couple of drop cloths (can be 9 x 12 or 3 x 9 runners). Tools like these will last a lifetime.

8. Satin finish enamel is the normal sheen level in most homes for woodwork and doors.

9. Matte and eggshell are the most common finishes used on walls. Flat is ideal on ceilings except in kitchens and bathrooms. Then it’s best to use a more washable paint like matte or eggshell.

10. For painting exterior siding, windows and doors the normal sheen levels are low luster and satin. Low luster is comparable to an interior eggshell finish. A general-purpose primer works great for a first coat on things like aluminum siding (be sure to tint the primer to the paint color).

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