Electrostatic Painting – Some Basic Information For Getting Started

Electrostatic Painting

Electrostatic painting is where the paint (powder coating) is electrostatically charged as it passes from the spray gun to a grounded object like a machine part or wrought iron. The statically charged particles of coating cling to the grounded object and this creates an even, uniform coating.

The process doesn’t make coatings stick better, it only makes them go on more evenly and uniform leaving no over spray. You still have to prime them but you should be able to do that electrostatically also. Some coatings may be both a primer and a paint all in one.

Electrostatic spraying is safe and friendlier to the environment because you use less paint and it all clings to the parts without over spray when used indoors.

Most standard solvent-based coatings supposedly can be sprayed electrostatically. It is best to get paint from the manufacturer for electrostatic use.

Basically, this type of painting is expensive. A good machine will cost you around $7,000 - $8,000. You have to move slower with the painting process and the only jobs you will get as a contractor will be for grocery store coolers, school lockers etc.

Making your investment back will take a long time unless you get the right accounts. This type of painting is best suited for production lines inside factories. Exterior painting won’t work well because of the wind.

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