Painting Kitchen Cabinet – How To Make It Look Really Good

Painting Kitchen Cabinet

Painting kitchen cabinet? As a professional house painter here are 8 helpful tips to make your project turn out looking great…

1. Number doors and drawers with making tape for easy re-install.

2. Keep screws and hinges in a sealed container for easy find.

3. Get rid of cooking grease. Use dish soap or mineral spirits (Use Naphtha for latex paints and primers because it is super-fast drying).

4. Remove unsound paint, peeling or chipping paint with sand paper or heat gun.

5. Slightly sand everything smooth with 220-grit

6. Prime everything up with a latex or alkyd enamel under coater primer.

7. Top coat everything with a satin finish in either latex or alkyd enamel.

8. For a great looking paint finish use Wooster’s “Jumbo-Koter” and “Pro/Doo-Z” enamel roller cover (mini-rollers) to roll out the primer and enamel finish along with a 2” angular tip Wooster or Purdy paintbrush.


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