Painting Formica – How To Do It Right In 5 Easy Steps

Painting Formica

Painting Formica can work out good if you use the right coatings. Say for instance if you had an older kitchen table that was Formica and you wanted to keep it rather than toss it out.

Here is what you would do:

1.) If possible, use a rotary sander and get some 120 grit discs. Sand the surface nice and smooth to get an even finish and also for primer to grab well to.

2.) Prime the table using a sandable latex or oil base primer. I like to use an enamel speed roller also known as a hotdog or weenie roller for rolling it out. You can do a couple of coats.

3.) Sand it again with your rotary sander after it dries thoroughly. Maybe use an even finer sanding disc for smoothing out the primer finish.

4.) Get all the dust off of the surface with a tack cloth.

5.) Now using another enamel roller cover (enamel roller covers are lint free) coat it with a gloss finish paint. Use oil base or latex paint. You can do one or two coats. Let it dry 4 hours between coats. You could even use a porch and floor paint. Maybe one that is epoxy based for extra durability.

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