Painting Floors – 3 Important Factors

Painting Floors

Painting floors is not a complicated issue but it will give you a few aches and pains by the time you are done kneeling on your hands and knees. I have painted interior floors before. I suggest getting a pair of rubber kneepads.

There are 3 important factors and that is using the right product for the right job. Below are three types of floor surfaces and how to find their correct coating to use.

1. Wood floors – if you check with various paint manufactures like Graham Paint Company you will see the paint they recommend for wood floors. Good floor paint is supposed to dry to a super hard scuff resistant finish.

2. Concrete floors – these require a tough epoxy paint that is made especially for concrete floors.

3.) Urethane is used to seal natural wood floors. It can be used on wood cabinets as well.

Other than using the right paint or coating for the right type of floor, you want to sweep and mop the floor really good as well.

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