Painting Book – The One Tool Needed To Make Hundreds Daily

Painting Book

The right painting book is the number 1 tool you should buy for your painting business if you are having trouble estimating and/or advertising.

It’s the number 1 tool needed if you are starting a new painting business and don’t know how to bid your jobs.

I never bought a painting tool that didn’t make me more money. Every tool I ever bought for my business I have used over and over again on various jobs.

This is why I have listed this page in the tool section of my site. I lost a lot of money underbidding in the first few years of my painting business and also from a lack of getting new jobs, especially around the Holidays.

When I first started painting I didn’t know where to turn for advice. Most painters are reluctant to tell you any of their trade secrets if they have any at all.

I would have gladly sat down with an experienced painting contractor over a cup of coffee and laid out $100 for a simple estimating and marketing system that I could use.

So if you are looking for that type of information you are definitely on the right track. Just make sure the source is real and not just an online marketer. My #1 recommendation is The Paint Like a Pro Estimating and Advertising System

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