Painting Exterior Windows - How To Get It Done The Fastest And Easiest Way Possible

Painting Exterior Windows

When it comes to painting exterior windows most newer ones are a snap. This is because the storm windows and screens are usually aluminum and the windows don't need to be re-glazed or caulked anymore. So basically the only thing you have to do to get them ready for painting is so get rid of any loose paint maybe with a rotary sander and some 80-grit and finish with some 220-grit.

When I first started painting, one of the older homes that I did not only had wood screens that had to be painted but you had the wooden storm windows as well. And these old wooden storms have glazing on them that had to be replaced. And then there was the window itself that had loose broken glazing to be re-placed.

Not only did you have all that re-glazing work, but you also would have old oil base paint that had to be sanded down or removed with a heat gun. It would be burned off or ground down with a rotary sander. So as you can see, these old-fashioned windows can really be a piece of work.

So if you got the newer windows that don't have the glazing or wooden storms you can rejoice. The main thing is to get any loose paint off and give them a good couple of coats of latex paint.

I keep a small razor blade widget tool on hand to clean back any paint I get on the windows around the edges. I also like to clean the windows when I'm done painting them before I put the storms and screens backup, That's about it for painting windows.

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