Interior Painting Idea – Stars On Ceilings

Interior Painting Idea

Looking for a new interior painting idea? How about adding a night sky theme to one or more of your bedroom ceilings! No, you don’t have to paint the ceiling black.

As a matter of fact, it is just the opposite. The ceiling is black when you turn the lights out. The concept is to use a special glow paint that looks like real stars in the dark.

Before you go out and buy glow paint or plastic stick on stars, first realize that there is more to painting them than just that. There are certain techniques for giving your stars a special 3-D effect. Even having them magically glisten and twinkle.

You can even make it look like the ceiling is open and you are sleeping under the nighttime sky. There are also special paints that glow from dusk to dawn. And they have to be the right color as well for best results.

Also, it is not as easy as just placing random dots on the ceiling. If you want a nice job done you will want an authentic copy of the actual nighttime sky. An accurate copy of the Milky Way can be done as well.

If you are looking for something new to decorate your home or even a selling point to add value, a star mural is a great idea. It’s great for kids as well as teens and adults. And again, you won’t have to buy those plastic stick-on stars either.

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