House Interior Painting - How To Make Your Fortune

house interior painting

House interior painting can make you rich if you know three things: how to get customers, how to estimate and how to paint.

When I first started my painting business I knew just a few basics and grew from there. It wasn't until I learned how to properly estimate my work that I made any money.

If you can get the jobs and you can estimate you can do the work yourself, get a business partner, hire other painters or do all the above.

The most profitable way to run a house painting business would be to hire a painting crew and go from there. Then instead of making money only when you are working you make money while others are doing the work!

This is called leveraging your time and money. Once you know a few advertising and estimating secrets you can choose which type of painting business model you want to set up.

Government statistics show that the average painting company makes $68,000 per year. Again that is average. There are also painting companies out there (in every big city) doing a million dollars a year.

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