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Floppy Roller Painting – 7 Steps For Success

Floppy roller painting is basically done the same as all the other faux painting techniques. Only this time you are using the floppy roller to apply the paint/glaze mixture to the base coat that you have already applied to the wall first.

1. The paint and home improvement stores have plenty of literature that will teach you how to do nice patterns or designs using faux paint.
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2. For best results practice on something first other than the wall until you get the hang of the technique you are using.

3. It wouldn’t hurt to get some wide (12”) masking paper that comes on a roll with a taped edge to block off your ceiling and woodwork with.

4. Buy yourself a couple of canvas 3 x 9 runner type drop cloths as well to save your carpeting or floors from getting paint on them.

5. First you want to put your base coat on the wall and let it dry thoroughly. The base coat is usually a darker version of the finish glaze color. The lighter shade color is what you will be using with the floppy paint roller.

6. Now you prepare your paint/glaze mixture. Again, the glaze coat is either lighter or darker than the base coat on the wall. Now go over it with your floppy roller to give the wall the desired pattern.

7. You can add a latex glaze extender to your paint/glaze mixture also, which will give it more “open time”. This is used so that the glaze will not dry up on you as fast while applying it to the wall with the floppy roller. It allows you time to work with your pattern.

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