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Faux Painting Technique – How To Become A Master Faux Painter

Interested in expanding your faux painting technique? If you want to get good at faux painting and get your technique down you simply have to learn more faux finishes like these below for starters.

faux painting techniqueMost so-called faux artists only know a few basic designs. These are the basic finishes you want to master. Every time a new job or project comes up where you will need to use one of these finishes shown below, you simply practice up at home on it before starting the job.

But first you need to “learn” these different designs ahead of time. Get yourself some practice vinyl sheets that you can wash off and re-use. You can also use them as samples to show to your customers. I bought some vinyl sheets at the paint store that were something like 12 x 15 in size.

Basic faux designs like these:

* Colorwashing
* Combing
* Crackle
* Metallic
* Ragging
* Sand Scapes
* Soft Suede
* Sponging
* Stenciling

Just to name a few…

There are many more finishes to learn. These are some of the basic more popular ones. You can learn a lot by looking through Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams’ faux brochures at first. Many paint stores have basic faux painting tools. If you need more tools look online.

Try to learn one new faux finish per day and within two weeks you will have quite a large portfolio of possibilities for customers to choose from. You should make samples of your best work to show to your customers. There are faux painting workshops online that you can sign up for.

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