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Faux Painting Finishes – How To Master The Art Of Design

Faux painting finishes can be anything you want them to be. Anything popular, anything found in nature or anything that you can imagine can be re-created with paint.

You can get good at creating everything from wood grains to marble to awesome dinning room half walls that have colorful simulated Italian plaster or other cool designs. If you picture expensive vinyl wall covering you can imagin some of those patterns and colors.

Faux means “fake” of course. I don’t really like the word fake because when you get the hang of faux painting your designs will be worthy of the finest homes. They will be so breathtaking that you won’t be able to take your eyes off them.
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You are basically creating a simulated surface image. You are mimicking a natural pattern of colors and textures found in nature. The best way to get good is to just start painting and then get some inspiration though photos, classes, videos, etc.

You can learn faux finishing techniques like:

1. Wood Grains – like mahogany, oak, walnut, cherry, etc. While basic wood graining is easy there are others that require a few secrets to learn.

2. Marble – also called marbleizing or marbling. There are many types of marble to re-create. Like wood graining there are diferent colors and patterns.

3. Decorative Wall Painting – there are a lot of creative ideas that look awesome. There are an unlimited amount of designs you can create. there are the basic faux finishes and then there are the more complex color schemes.

4. Specialized Finishes – like copper, tortuous shell, antiquing, distressing, etc. Mimicking these types of patterns will probably require classes or videos for most people.

There are some great articles at here at www.PaintingAndDecoratingConcourse.com These articles have cool pictures of all the various faux designs mentioned above plus more.

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