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Faux Finish Painting – The Easiest And Fastest Way To Get Started

Basic faux finish painting can be mastered right off the bat knowing these three basic designs that are super popular and look very impressive when done right. A little practice will make you a pro in no time.

You can see what Color Washing looks like by clicking this link below:
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You can see what Sponging looks like by clicking this link below:

You can see what Ragging looks like by clicking this link below:

To learn these common designs and more you can take faux finishing classes and/or buy videos through http://MuralsandFauxPainting.com

You can also learn these 3 basic faux designs plus one more by picking up a faux brochure at paints stores that carry Benjamin Moore Products.

In time you will get good and may even include faux marble painting, plaster faux finish, faux painting glazing, faux wood graining, faux painting murals, etc.

Just by learning the 3 basic faux designs and mastering them well can make you an excellent hourly rate as a faux painter because most people think they know how to paint. But when it comes to doing a professional faux design they will call you the expert and be at your mercy as well!

Here’s a unique type of painting you may also be interested in: http://www.amazingstarmurals.com/index.html

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