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Examples Faux Painting – 16 Cool Examples That Are Fun And Easy To Create

home business opportunityExamples faux painting – there is an endless stream of faux designs and ideas out there to be had. If you have a really nice home, faux painting can do some interesting things for your hallways, dinning room, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc...

But not just expensive homes - any home can be greatly enhanced using faux designs in the right areas! The more interesting designs or patterns I see the more I like faux painting.

I have a Benjamin Moore Faux brochure at home called “Glazes”. It has fantastic designs that are amazingly simple to re-create. These designs would look great in a starter home as well as any castle.

Here is a Benjamin Moore link that has 16 examples of really cool faux painting ideas for your home: http://tinyurl.com/yl4nj5h

Practice makes perfect. If you have a scrap piece of drywall to paint on or even a washable vinyl sheet you could practice different designs before actually doing them.

Learn the designs or patterns and they can make a lot of cash for those who do it for a living.

painting business opportunity

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