Decorative Wall Painting – 4 Different Variations For Every Room

Decorative Wall Painting

Decorative wall painting can be anything from stenciling a painted border design to painting pictures on walls. It’s the added touch that makes anything from a children’s room to a dinning room have that special artistic approach that separates it from just being a boring old painted room.

Murals – murals are popular these days. They make a great accent wall. Kids rooms are probably the easiest to do. For more serious decorating it will take a professional. I have also seen vinyl mural sheets you can buy and put up like wallpaper.

Faux finishes – these can be awesome as well. There is so many possibilities for any room in the house to have one wall or all the walls faux finished. Basic faux finishes can be found at any paint store. The really nice ones take a professional also.

Accent walls – many people like one darker or a different shade of color wall in a particular room of their home or office to break up the basic boxed in look.

Stenciling – you can get stencil paint and stencils to create intricate flower designs, or designs for kids rooms. One company that offers a stencil making set up is called Martronics. They have four different stencil makers you might be interested in looking at. These machines can make intricate stencils unlike anything you have ever seen.

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