Choosing Paint - Several Tips for Knowing What Kind to Use On Your Jobs

choosing paint

When it comes to choosing paint it all depends on whether you’re a homeowner or a painting business owner. And whether you’re doing high-end repaints, commercial work, new construction or just cleaning up some cheap rental properties.

As a painting business owner I do a lot of residential repaints most of the time. Most of these repaints are high-end homes so I’m not going to show up at their doorstep without anything less than the absolute best paint available on the market.

I usually play it safe by using Benjamin Moore products because of their high-class name and because it’s good paint. This exceptional quality paint is welcome in any million-dollar home. The same thing goes with commercial properties. If you’re doing a fancy restaurant or some other high-class property you probably better stay with high quality products also unless they specify another brand of course.

Now if I was going to be doing a rental property and just cleaning it up for the customer I would go ahead and use mid-grade paints which will save money and give me more bottom line profit. Some commercial property owners may not really care as much about what you use. You will want to use something good. Choosing paint that is washable and durable will make your painting business look good.

Most homeowners are do-it-yourselfers and they’ll go to a home improvement store and buy what they have. The paints at these stores are pretty good. Some of their products may not be what a professional painter likes using, but then no paint store has all the best products.

As a painter no matter who I paint for if I’m going to be painting in their home I am expected to use good products. It’s just all part of the service. There are many good paints on the market but each one has its own place. Some times the homeowner likes choosing their own paint. Then if they want to use more of a general homeowner brand that is the way to go.

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