Bedroom Painting Ideas – 6 Ideas For Colors

Bedroom Painting Ideas

Bedroom Painting Ideas:

1.) Some people like a bright bedroom to wake up to in the morning. Picture a white ceiling, white woodwork, windows and doors and a nice shade of yellow for the walls along with whatever matching furnishings you decide to choose.

2.) I painted a bedroom a dark Canadian red once for a customer. It had a white recessed ceiling. And the bed and dresser were dark wood so it all went well together.

3.) Some people like faux painted walls for their bedroom. Since wallpaper has been out for a while (beats me why) faux is the answer. I have seen red based faux for bedrooms as well as a nice blue background.

4.) My aunt and uncle had a nice green bedroom which looked very peaceful and relaxing. My wife re-painted our bedroom a nice pastel green with a white ceiling and while woodwork along with green curtains she made. It turned out very nice.

5.) Of course kids and teens like sports themes or for girls the pink thing.

6.) Paying attention to detail, color and the right furnishings makes a bedroom a very special room. Whether for a man, women or both, the bedroom décor can add a lot to our mood and well being. Especially since what we first look at in the morning can affect our whole day.

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