Painting Windows – Easy 8-Step Pattern for Doing a Good Job

Painting Windows

Painting windows isn’t fun but if you have a system like I do it’s fast. Here are the steps for painting them from the inside:

1. Use a sand sponge to lightly sand and clean the ledges and flat areas of the window.

2. Have a small shop vac on hand to clean away the dust and an old paintbrush works good for a whiskbroom.

NOTE: I use a 2-inch angular paintbrush to paint my windows and a small light weight cut-in bucket to hold in my hand (See Handy Paint Pail ®).

3. Slide the top window down and move the bottom window up so you can paint the bottom half of the top window first.

4. Now reverse the windows back to normal position and paint the top half.

5. Now paint the bottom window all the way around.

6. I use enamel under coater primer (latex or oil) for my first coat and satin finish (latex or oil) enamel paint for the second or final coat.

7.) Let the window dry overnight and scratch the excess paint back using a flat razor blade knife.

8.) Use your vacuum to clean up the paint shavings.

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