Painting Paneling – 6 Important Points or Steps

Painting Paneling

Painting paneling can be made to look pretty good if you do a few certain things right. Many people decide to paint their paneling because the room was too dark and they don't want to take the paneling down.

1.) What I recommend to do is to choose your color you want it too be painted and tint some high hide primer to the finish color of the paint. Put the primer on first.

2.) Tinting the primer to the finish color (like if the color is a creamy yellow) makes it possible to do less coats.

3.) You'll also want to use a high hide paint for faster block out. Go ahead and roll out your base coat of primer.

4.) Then take your paint brush and cut in all the areas your roller couldn't get to.

5.) Once everything is dry get yourself some caulk. Buy a caulk that is as close to your paint color as possible. I use a paintable siliconized latex caulk. Fill in all your gaps between the butt joints and the nail holes.

6.) Now finish up doing one or two additional coats of paint and cutting in with your paintbrush until the paneling looks good and solid and then you're done.

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