Painting Magazine – How to Get Free Ones and Ink Pens Too!

Painting Magazine

Free Painting Magazine - Hey painting business owner, did you know that as soon as you go down to the county court house and register your business name or D.B.A (doing business as) you will start getting free magazines from the painting trade industry?

You will even start getting promotional items like free ink pens with your company name on them.

That is exactly what happened to me on accident. You see, I always called my painting business “Lee’s Painting Service”. One day a customer made out a check for me addressed to Lee’s Painting instead of Lee Cusano.

She was gone to work so I was forced to go and finally get my name legal and the rest is history. You only have to go every 5 years and re-register your business name. The price is only around $10.

As a registered business owner, I get a free copy of "American Painting Contractor", "PWC" (Painting and Wallcovering Contractor) and "JobSite" trade magazines all the time and even a few others.

They are loaded with stories about contractors, their companies, some of their jobs, new and existing painting tools and supplies, etc. Below are links to each magazine.

JobSite Magazine PWC Magazine American Painting Contractor Magazine

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