Painting Cabinets – 11 Easy Steps For Success

Painting Cabinets

Painting cabinets: here are the steps I use in my painting business to refinish kitchen cabinets. These same steps will work on all cabinets of course.

1. Electric Screwdriver – makes taking cabinet doors down and putting them back up fast and easy.

2. Numbering Doors and Drawers – it is important that you can mark each door with a piece of tape and later put the number behind the hinge so the tape can be removed for priming and painting.

3. Rotary Disc Sander – this tool works really well for removing old, unsound, paint fast. I use 80-grit sanding discs for removal and 120-grit discs for making the wood finish nice and smooth.

NOTE: If the old paint finish was professional and sound, you shouldn’t need to remove it. I would just clean the cabinets of any grease or grime and prime them up using a latex or oil base enamel under coater primer tinted to the finish coat and then use a enamel paint.

4.) Dust Mask – wear one for sanding.

5. A Place To Lay Out Doors and Drawers – whether you decide to spray paint or roll and brush your cabinets, you need a place to lay out your doors and drawers for painting and prep work.

6. Spray Painting – spray painting your doors and drawers gives a smoother finish than brushing and rolling.

7. Brushing and Rolling – you can get a nice finish by rolling on the paint and stroking it out with a paintbrush. Some people prefer the brushed look. Rolling out a larger area and brushing in keeps a wet edge.

8. Best Brands of Paints and Primers – for best results use name brand paint products. You can use either latex or oil base paints and primers. I recommend priming everything first. After the primer dries, lightly sand and clean away the dust or powder with your tack cloth. You can now add your enamel coat of paint. I use satin enamel.

9. Best Painting Tools To Use – I use Wooster’s shed-resistant mini roller covers (Jumbo-Koter) that are made especially for enamels. I also use Wooster or other professional brand paintbrushes.

I like an angular tip latex brush. Paint stores have these tools. They also have small paint buckets that have a built in brush holder and painting board for your mini roller. Pelican (made by Wooster) makes a good paint bucket.

10. Painting Light – fluorescent light is the best light to paint by on a cloudy day or at night. Nothing beats natural sunlight for painting cabinets.

11.) Tack Cloth – takes away fine dust that accumulates on surfaces from sanding. You can find them at your local paint store.

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