Painting Advice – Will the Real House Painter Please Stand Up

Painting Advice

Painting advice for starting your own painting business is getting crowded in the online arena. As in any niche there are those that are the real thing and there are those who are just looking to duplicate someone else’s success at making money online.

I have seen a few painting business books out there that sound good to the general public but are quite shallow and in some cases don’t make any sense at all when it comes to painting technique.

I was taught a long time ago that if you are going to show someone how to make money make sure you got the facts right. Otherwise you are going to be hurting that person. They will be spending their hard-earned money and their valuable time trying to follow your bogus theories and claims only to fail in the end.

Now I know that many people buy an e-book and never read most of it anyway let alone do anything with it. But someone will and we owe it to those “doers” to make sure we are really helping them, not just helping ourselves to their wallet.

So if you are looking for any painting help, whether it’s business start-up or tips and techniques, make sure you get information from the right source.

Once good way to tell if the information was written by a professional is when they have a lot of on the job photos showing examples of what they are telling you – not just pages of text or fluff. Testimonials are a good way also but you cannot always trust them. They can be hype rather than facts. Actual profits made by the painter himself are important.

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