Painting Flat Doors – How to Make Them Look Good without Spraying

Painting Flat Doors

Painting flat doors is an easy task and they will look beautiful simply by doing the right prep work, using the right paint and by using the following tools.

You don’t need a spray painting system to get professional results. The trick is to apply paint faster than it can dry so you can either stroke it out with a brush or have a nice texture effect by using a roller cover made for enamels.

I use these tools for rolling out doors and other large surfaces:JUMBO-KOTER® FRAME and PRO/DOO-Z® mini roller cover and a professional grade paintbrush (Wooster 2” angular tip brush).

1. For best results, remove all the hardware like the lock and the doorknob (because I leave the door on the hinges I will put something under the door to hold it steady while I paint it).

2. Sand smooth – give the door a quick sand unless more is needed.

3. Prime – use an enamel under coater type of primer. I tint my primer to the finish coat.

4. After the door dries, fill any dents and dings with a regular water based wood patch (even if it’s a metal door), let it all dry good overnight. Sand the repaired spots smooth the next day and re-prime these areas.

5. Paint – go ahead and run out your enamel finish (satin or low luster usually looks best). The PRO/DOO-Z® mini roller covers work well and give the surface a very nice finish. They are shed resistant and are designed for enamels and other paints as well.

6. Now once the door has dried for about 4 hours, put your hardware back on and you are done. You now have a nice professional looking painted door that can look good for years.

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