Painting Fiberglass – The Best Way To Get A Lasting Paint Job

Painting Fiberglass

Painting fiberglass - Someone recently said they were planning on painting a fiberglass shower/tub in their house that they were getting ready to sell. But they just got off of the phone with Sherwin Williams and another company that carries marine paint and neither of them recommended painting it.

They both said that no matter how you prep it, it's going to bubble and peel off before long due to the caustic reaction of hot water on it.

SOLUTION 1: Bathtub Refinishing. There are people who are trained in this type of painting. If you want a lasting professional paint job or are trying to sell your home, this may be the way you want to go.

SOLUTION 2: Buy a new tub or two-piece shower/tub kit. You can easily fit a two-piece tub/shower unit through a doorway.

If it's a rental property and you want to do it yourself I recommend the following:

1. Thoroughly clean the fiberglass surface. Whether it’s a tub or a shower you want to remove any scum build up.

2. Once dry, you could make sanding easier with a small rotary sander. Go over the finish to be sanded thoroughly. I would start out with fine 320-grit sandpaper just to dull the surface.

3. Use a quality latex primer. Maybe go somewhere that sells marine coatings and get the paint and the primer there for a more durable finish.

4. Using a paint sprayer can give it a nice even finish.

5. Make sure you wear a respirator and mask everything off good. Turn the furnace or air conditioner off so the paint fumes don't travel.

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