Painting A Room – 8 Professional Steps

Painting A Room

When painting a room, as a professional painter I have a system I use that starts at the very top of the room and thoroughly works it’s way down to completion.

This is called a custom paint job and can cost the customer a premium price. But it will be worth it if it is done right. Redecorating a room will last for years.

1. Sand Walls and Ceiling – this knocks down cobwebs and surface buggers. I use a pole sander and 100-grit sand paper or a drywall sanding screen.

2. Paint Ceiling 2 Coats – I like to give everything two solid coats of paint.

3. Roll Out Walls with Primer or Paint – once the ceiling is finished roll out your walls and let dry.

4. Cut in Walls – now cut in around woodwork and at the top along the ceiling line.

5. Fix Drywall Areas – now that the walls are done you can plainly see where any drywall repairs might be. Fix them and let them dry all day, and prime or paint them over with your roller when dry and sanded.

6. Painting the Woodwork? - Lightly sand, prime woodwork, windows and doors. Fill in shadow lines after primer is dry.

7. Finish Walls with Final Coat – now put your final coat of paint on the walls.

8. Enamel Woodwork - lightly sand and clean away dust. Now apply the enamel finish to the woodwork, windows and doors.

DONE! Now you have a custom paint job from head to toe. You have a new fresh ceiling, walls and woodwork. Your room will look nice for years to come. Be sure to use quality paints and primers that are worth your labor.

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