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Painting A Ceiling – The Best Way To Get A Nice Finish

Painting a ceiling is more critical than walls because it is easy to see streaks and roller marks. To prevent this many paint manufactures have a product designed especially for ceilings. It is called [ceiling paint].

The drawback to using this product, for me anyway, is that it is so thick that if you go to apply a finish coat you cannot see where you left off and the second coat is dry and really sucks up the moisture.
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  The solution is to prime with an ordinary [wall primer] that is suitable for all finishes. It is fairly inexpensive and can re-rolled with ceiling paint in just an hour. Plus the primer will stick to any surface making it a sure winner.

Now using the ceiling paint you can roll out your final coat and you will get the sure solid coverage of two coats. Plus you can tell where you are rolling because the primer is thinner and helps you to see where you are rolling out the solid white ceiling paint.

Here is a cool idea for ceiling painting – paint stars on your ceiling! This is totally awesome!

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