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Painting A Bedroom – How To Give It The Ultimate Custom Paint Job

Painting a bedroom can become a real work of art if you are keen in the painting and decorating realm. As a painter I call this giving the room a [custom paint job]. For a moment visualize it all this way…

1. First you want to use the finest quality paints and primers for your bedroom because you deserve the best for “your special room of comfort and rest”.
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2. You start with a nice flat white ceiling. A nice creamy, smooth, soft white ceiling to stare at as you contemplate things at the end of the day.

3. Next you create a nice effect on the walls by using a peaceful color in an enamel flat that is rich, smooth and creamy. As you lay in bed you notice how nice the walls look and how the nice clean colors are enjoyable to look at.

4. And you also have nice looking woodwork and trim. You did this by using an enamel under coater primer and a quality latex or oil base enamel finish. The beauty of your efforts all come together as you enjoy your new room. Each color compliments the other and makes you feel good.

5. Now cap everything off with am amazing star mural. This is a beautiful picture of the heavenly – a star-filled sky painted on your bedroom ceiling. It is only visible at night when the lights are turned off. It can be seen from the time you turn your lights out until the first rays of the sun appear.

This nighttime star-filled sky is so awesome to look at. The stars actually twinkle. It is quite animated just like the real nighttime sky. You see a shooting star or two and even a mysterious UFO hidden among the stars.

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