Interior House Painting – 10 Tips For Success

Interior House Painting

Interior house painting is easier if you have the right painting tools. Whether you are just a homeowner wanting to do his or her own painting or someone wanting to make money in their own painting business, below are the tools that make the job easier.

I recommend investing in a few professional painting tools that will last you a lifetime. Tools like…

1. A 5-foot step ladder (most comfortable for painting rooms with 8-foot ceilings).

2. Some canvas drops (9 x 12 and or 3 x 9 runners).

3. A fluorescent shop light with cord to paint by (when you don’t have natural sunlight).

4. A sturdy professional cage frame (paint roller) see Wooster or Purdy (always use quality Wooster, Purdy or Allpro roller covers).

5. A telescoping paint pole (medium length).

6. A paint rolling bucket with lid (Wooster has one. Easier to carry compared to a full paint tray.)

7. A set of professional quality paintbrushes (1” and 2” angular tip, even some tiny model paintbrushes for tight places on windows).

8. A caulk gun (siliconized painters caulk is recommended).

9. A small fan for quick-drying ceilings and walls after painting them.

10. A tool bucket to keep smaller painting tools in like pliers, a hammer, assorted scraper knives, sand sponges, etc.

Three More Tips…

11. 100-grit and 220-grit sandpaper for sanding walls and woodwork.

12. Always use enamel under coater primer for your woodwork (It can be tinted to the finish coat of paint color) this keeps the paint from chipping or peeling.

13. Use a satin “sheen” enamel paint on your woodwork (can be alkyd or latex) and use matte or eggshell “sheen” paint on your walls (an enamel under coater primer used as a first coat cuts down on streaks and lap marks caused by the roller on the second finish coat which is typical of latex paints).

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