Faux Finishes – How To Learn Them Quickly

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Faux Finishes

1.) There are some very prestigious patterns that if you learn them well by practicing, you can write your own meal ticket for years to come.

faux finishes

Patterns or finishes that you would find in million dollar homes and high-end restaurants like plaster, old world lime wash, metallic designs, marbling, and other stone designs. There is even one styled after Jurassic Park called “Jurassic Parts”!

2.) You can go to one-day workshops for advanced designs as well as the basic ones. Some workshops can be expensive but worth it to learn the trade quickly. Some workshops may last all week or just a weekend.

3.) The right tools will allow you to do just about any finish. You can get a ton of information from paint store brochures, libraries, online pictures, etc. Many of the tools needed can be bought online. Basic faux tools are everywhere locally.

4.) If you get good a various finishes by practicing a few new ones each week and you get a job lined up, once you know what finish the customer wants you can practice it to sharpen your technique just before doing the job.

5.) The best way to get good at these types of finishes is to just start doing them at home on re-usable washable vinyl sheets. Take digital photos of your favorite work to show customers on a laptop computer or a CD.

6.) You can also use 2’ x 3’ poster board to practice on. I buy 50 sheets at a time from a local paper warehouse for only $20.

7.) Don’t forget the basic faux finishes. They are easy to learn, the tools are readily available at paint stores and home improvement stores and customers love them in their homes.

Remember, if you’re good and you enjoy this trade, you can make some fantastic money and you will be getting lots of calls from happy, word-of-mouth customers as well as repeat business.

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