Faux Painting Ideas – Here’s One that is Out of This World!

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Faux painting ideas as we all know, include ragging, sponging, and more complex finishes like marbling. The word faux means fake. Fake painting made to look like the real thing.

For quite a few years now there has been another technique for making fake look real. It’s called star mural painting - painting stars that look like the night sky when you turn the lights off at night.

With a few simple tools you can actually re-create an accurate constellation-filled northern or southern hemisphere night sky. You can create summer and winter star scenes. You can re-create someone’s birth date. You can even create fairies, angels, UFOs and more.

And just as regular faux painting pays you well, so does this space art. In as little a couple hours someone can have a basic night sky painted on their bedroom ceiling – or any ceiling for that matter.

Add the Milky Way, some unicorns or space aliens and it will take a bit longer but you can charge more as well. Game rooms, theater rooms, hotels and motels are perfect for this type of painting.

faux painting ideas

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